Our Mission


CHAI, is an US based charity organization founded by Haitian-Americans living in Illinois, which welcomes everyone who has a passion to help others and a creative vision to make an impactful difference in the Haitian community both in Haiti and externally.

Since 1991 CHAI is providing education, nutrition, medical assistance, and clothing to the children and those in need in rural areas of northern Haiti. Now CHAI is expanding its mission by creating entrepreneurial programs in Haiti that will help communities to become autonomous and self-dependent.

The mission of CHAI is to provide sustainable help with the biggest possible impact on the future of Haiti. CHAI wants to use its in-country knowledge of the special conditions of Haiti, to create a seed for change, with the vision that Haiti becomes an active member in the international community, contributing with its unique qualities.

Since its inception in 1991, CHAI has:

  • Shipped over 100 tons of medical supplies, clothing and food to Haiti

  • Built and opened a school in La Petit-Anse

  • Built and opened a medical clinic in 2004

  • Organized annual medical missions since 1995